Sharing Violation - Box Sync - Excel

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Sharing Violation - Box Sync - Excel

Hello, I recently started getting this error message (image attached) within the last week.  Never had this happen in the previous 2-3 years I've been using Box Sync.  I have a file with the date (i.e. xxxxxxxx 6.12.18) in the file name.  Before editing the file, I copy the file in my Box Sync folder, and then change the file name to today's date (i.e xxxxxxxx 6.13.18).  Then, I open the file, make changes, and when I try to save the file, I get that error message.  I made sure that my antivirus is updated, and I still get this message.  Can anyone help me please?  Thanks!


p.s. I just had the owner of the folder make me a co-owner, and I am still getting the error.  I was an editor before, just as I have been for the past many months, and this just started happening.

Box Sync Error 1.jpgBox Sync Error 2.jpgBox Sync Error 3.jpg



Re: Sharing Violation - Box Sync - Excel

Hi @tbierly,


Welcome to the Box Community and thanks for your first post in the forum! 


Sorry to hear about the trouble you encountered when saving your files in the Box Sync folder.


I tried checking the screenshot and looks like these are errors on the application itself, a Microsoft System error and not on the Box side. There could be a setting that restrict you on editing the file on your computer caused by a recent update on your Antivirus.


I did some digging and found the following articles from Microsoft's site on how others have been able to solve them:

We appreciate you sharing this to the Community and hope that these Microsoft help articles proves to be useful!


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