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Re: Launched: Box Drive Beta v.1.2



DropBox has just launched their smart sync feature that enables user to choose whether they want to keep a file on the computer or leave it in the Cloud. The other benefit is when you own several computers, you may want to have the file on the computer that is on the move while leaving it in the Cloud for the one that is permanently connected to the internet. Something that would be a smart enhancement for Box Drive and Box Sync. Does Box have any plan to launch a similar app some time soon? Any indication of the timing?

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Re: Launched: Box Drive Beta v.1.2

Hi @LaurentGl - We do have 'Mark for Offline' functionality on a per device basis for Box Drive on our roadmap.  I don't have an exact timeline, but it should be coming in 2018!  Thanks for your feedback!

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Re: Launched: Box Drive Beta v.1.2

To reiterate, marking for offline usage is absolutely essential for my firm.


We do a lot of travel, especially to places where internet is not always available and automated backups are important.

I present my recent trip to Malawi, Southern Africa, as a use case. We were in Malawi for an IT assessment on mobile Health applications and traveled all over the country - in both rural and urban areas. This is a country where the internet is slow, expensive, and flaky, when present at all. Internet was only through tethering - wifi, while often advertised, was pretty much nonexistent in hotels and offices we were working in. On my tethered phone, I was meant to get 4G but never did in the two weeks we were there; on several occasions, even in cities, 3G would work for about 30 seconds, and then nothing, and then maybe a minute of edge/2G before it went through the cycle again.


However, file backups to the server were essential for us, as working in this environment increases the risk of theft and damage to devices. We were also working collaboratively with teams in the US, taking advantage of the 6 hour time zone difference, so our American team would need to access our shared folders and collected data while we were sleeping; the versioning was also fabulous for collaboration with these folks. Our trip was very busy, so not having to proactively email and share files was one less thing we needed to worry about. 


Box sync works beautifully in this scenario. 

I am sharing this use case with you so you can perhaps use it in the design of box drive, which I believe is eventually going to replace box sync. 

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Re: Launched: Box Drive Beta v.1.2

Hi @sewgreen,


Thanks for sharing your use case stories and we are aware of these types of situations where you need to have your most important content synced for offline use.


To add more detail to the answer in 2017, we have launched Box Drive for GA earlier in March and we are currently working to release the "Mark for Offline" feature in the coming months. For more details and upcoming info about Box Drive, the beta, etc, please subscribe to the product news blog here.