Disable Notifications (Box Sync for Windows)

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Disable Notifications (Box Sync for Windows)

Im working with a project that uses R scripts and Im getting constant notifications in my desktop about errors and deletion of files from Box Sync (in Windows).


The project is creating and deleting files while the software (R Studio) is in use. Box Sync is trying to keep up with those changes but Im getting multiple error notifications like: 'lock file' could not be synced.


Can I DISABLE those notifications?




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Re: Disable Notifications (Box Sync for Windows)



Yes. If you want to disable them just for yourself, go to the folder settings for the project's top folder and at the bottom you can override your default notifications for that and all subfolders. 


If you want to disable them for everyone, there is a checkbox in the folder settings to disable them for everyone.





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Re: Disable Notifications (Box Sync for Windows)

Hi there,


I can't appear to find where to modify my notification settings? I get a Box Sync pop-up about folders being constantly renamed on the bottom right of my screen and I would like to turn this off? Do I configure directly in the Wondoes Explorer window, or from Box online, pr from Box Sync??


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Re: Disable Notifications (Box Sync for Windows)

Hi @avezina,


Thanks for your screenshot and post!


It seems like your windows settings provide notifications for any local folder changes. Depending on which Windows system you are using, you'll have to do it for your local computer, but not from Box online. 


Box Sync does not provide notifications for folder changes, only for synced items or updates to your content. 


Hope that helps and clarifies!

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Re: Disable Notifications (Box Sync for Windows)


It appears RStudio may be changing a few files constantly while open, and Box Sync can't figure out when to stop scanning and just sync.  see https://community.box.com/t5/Box-Troubleshooting-Forum/Box-refusing-to-sync-while-RStudio-open/m-p/5...

Is there a way to exclude certain types of files or directories? 

I don't want to just "ignore" the notifications because it is stopping Box Sync from working properly.


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Re: Disable Notifications (Box Sync for Windows)

I assume I need to do that on the web version of box, but there I do not find the checkbox. Could you share a print screen?

The issue with showing sync notifications is a real issue for me as I do screenshare with clients. Thank you

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