Deleting from desktop but not the cloud

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Deleting from desktop but not the cloud

I would like to know if I can delete the files that are synced to my desktop without deleting the files from box cloud?
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Re: Deleting from desktop but not the cloud

Hi @JeaneeTyndal,


Thanks for your question about Box Sync! This is possible and what we usually call "unsyncing" your content. 

This will delete the local content and remove the synced connection between your account online. Your file will still remain in your Box account. Simply right click the folder and select to unsync the folder and you will see it locally get removed.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 10.27.45 AM.png




Hope this helps!

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Re: Deleting from desktop but not the cloud

Hello @JeaneeTyndal

Other than removing the file from the local computer, what are you trying to accomplish by deleting the file locally?  Do you just not want to see it on that computer anymore?  If so, then @Howard is spot on.  If it is a matter of regaining your local disk space that boxsync has consumed, I would suggest you look at Box Drive.  It will show you the file tree of all of your box files without consuming any of the local hard drive space.  You should read the documentation first and understand that Box Drive is a virtual representation of the folder structure on box - e.g. they are not local files, they are dynamic temp files that exist only while you're working on them.


It may be a good fit for you.