Cannot open any Excel files from Box Drive

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Cannot open any Excel files from Box Drive


As the subject says - I can't open any Excel files from Box Drive. When I try, I get the following error message:

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This happens with every Excel file, whether they're available offline or not.


They do not have viruses, as I've scanned them.


They're not corrupted. I can download them from Box online - they work fine then. I can copy the file from Box Drive into any other folder on my computer and open it from there - they work fine then, too. I just can't open them directly from Box.


Please help. This kind of defeats the purpose of Box for me if I can't get this sorted.



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Re: Cannot open any Excel files from Box Drive


Same problem here.


I'm using Box Sync to sync file from Box online on my MacBook Pro, Suddenly unable to open Microsoft Office Files, Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

On my Mac, when I open those Office files which Box Sync synced to Box Sync folder, Office application will open but nothing other happened. No document opened. Just that application like Word, Excel and PowerPoint launch and silence.


If I copy those documents to outside of Box Sync folder, it works fine. I can open every Office documents safe and sound. And if I try to open other documents like PDF on Box Sync folder, it's no problem. This problem only occur when Microsoft Office documents open.


I've also tried to update Box Sync application, it's no luck. And try to kill Box Sync application, it's no luck too.


I believe last Friday (3rd July 2020) I didn't get this problem.