Box for Office integrations save issue

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Box for Office integrations save issue

We have seen an uptick in errors when users are trying to use Box for Office to save locally edited Box files to Box (not sync or Drive, directly to Box)


We have seen this in the following scenarios

Scenario 1

Files saved in Box

Open with locally installed office product

Initiate save 

Can not write, makes copy on desktop


Scenario 2

Create document locally in Office product 

Save As

Select Box as location (not drive or sync)

Save fails and creates copy of file on desktop


Occasionally in the past we have seen this but there have been more reported cases in the past few weeks.

Has anyone else noticed this, or has anyone else had this issue and has a repeatable process for addressing it?


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Re: Box for Office integrations save issue

Hey @Rob_Parrish,


I bet you already have a ticket for this open, but thank you for sharing with the community!


Let us know what you find and appreciate your post in the forums!