Box for EMM - BOXServiceErrorDomainCode=18 "(null)"

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Box for EMM - BOXServiceErrorDomainCode=18 "(null)"


I get the following error log when trying to login to Box for EMM on my iPhone, but not even on any Android devices work.



App Version: 4.3.8

iOS Device: iPhone 6s

iOS Version: 12.0


Could not complete login because the app is not authorized. Please contact your administrator for more information.


Managed Info:

enforcedUsername (optional, required for Fiberlink):

publicID exists: Yes

managementID exists (Tier 1 only): Yes

billingID exists (Fiberlink only): No

oneTimeToken exists: No

oneTimeToken exists in keychain: No

oneTimeToken values match: No


Error Domain=BOXServiceErrorDomain Code=18 "(null)"






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Re: Box for EMM - BOXServiceErrorDomainCode=18 "(null)"

Hi @elle91


Thanks for your post and question!


Sorry to hear about this issue as this is not expected behavior with Box; could you share this error with our support team?

You can contact Box Support to help you directly.

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