Large Scale Deployments: Box Drive

This article contains recommendations and considerations for administrators who want to deploy Box Drive to a large number of computers.  



Box Drive and other Enterprise features


  • Box Drive supports Device Trust but does not support Device Pinning
  • Box Drive's activity will appear in the Admin Reports in the same way other application activity is logged. The comment Service: Box Drive will appear in the Change Details column of a User Activity report.


Box Sync and Box Drive


There are known issues with having both Box Sync and Box Drive installed on a single machine. We recommend uninstalling Box Sync from your users' machines before installing Box Drive. For more information on moving from Box Sync to Box Drive, please see this article for more information.  


Note: Box Drive currently does not support all Box Sync use cases, including offline access to content and folder redirection. To understand the differences between Box Sync and Box Drive, click here for more information.  



You can install Box Drive by downloading and running the Box Drive MSI. Before running the MSI, install the corresponding prerequisites listed below. There will not be a .exe installer for Box Drive.


See for more information about performing silent MSI installs. 


Important Considerations: 

  • Even with a silent MSI install, end-users will need to log into Box Drive manually themselves. 




  • macOS 10.12 or macOS 10.13 

Administrators can distribute the Box Drive PKG file to Mac users within their organization using standard application deployment tools.  Alternatively, IT departments can install the PKG when imaging machines.


Important Considerations: 

  • End-users will need to log into Box Drive manually the first time they launch the app.
  • When installing Box Drive as the root user, all users on the machine will need to manually add Drive to their list of start up items
  • Users opening Box Drive for the first time in OSX 10.13 will need to give Box Drive permission to run in System Preferences. Users will be prompted to open System Preferences and make the change. Click here for more info. 

Box Drive Auto-Updates


Box Drive will automatically prompt users to update to the latest version when a new version is available. Users can choose not to update, but we do not recommend using outdated versions. Only the latest version of the product will be supported by Box. Click here for more information on the end user experience of updating Box Drive. 

Box Drive Technical Information


For more detailed technical information on Box Drive's caching behavior and local storage usage, please visit this page.
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