Enabling the Mark for Offline Feature for Your Enterprise

Box Drive's Mark for Offline (MFO) feature enables users to access their cloud content – regardless of network connectivity. They can specify content they want to work with offline and Box Drive automatically downloads the latest version of this content to their computer. Once they are back online it automatically uploads their changes back to Box Drive, ensuring people are always working with the most up-to-date versions of their files.  With Box Drive people can stay connected to their work, even when they are offline.


Note   As of October 31, 2018, the mark for offline feature is available for everyone on Box Drive 2.0 or later, although they may not see it for up to 24 hours while it is released.  Anyone who wants it right away can quit Box Drive and restart it.  They will see the feature immediately thereafter.

Box Drive also helps reduce bandwidth and storage issues facing organizations that routinely sync large amounts of content to their desktops.

As an admin, you specify whether to keep this feature available throughout your organization (the default), or just for certain individuals, or whether to disable it altogether.


Enabling the MFO Feature

Be certain you have enabled Box Drive for your organization and that you have the ability to edit Enterprise Settings. If you haven't enabled Box Drive or don't have the proper admin permissions, you cannot see this option.


To enable the MFO feature

  1. Ensure your users are on Box Drive v 2.0 or later (download the most recent Box Drive version).
  2. From your admin console navigate to Enterprise Settings.
  3. In the top navigation click Apps.
  4. Scroll down to the Box Drive - Mark for Offline section and click Edit Configuration. In the dialog box that displays, you can:
    • Enable for all Managed Users. This is the default option. This means MFO is enabled for all managed users in your account, It's also enabled for any new users who join your organization after this point.
    • Enable for Select Users – that is, make MFO available only for certain users in your organization.  When you select this option, another dialog box displays. Enter the email addresses of individual users for whom you want to enable this feature.
      • You are limited to 100 individual users, and you cannot enter group emails, such as distribution lists. Any new users who join your organization after this point do not have access to this feature. You must add them manually.
    • Disable for all Managed Users – effectively turn off this feature organization-wide.
  5. Click Save when you're done.


After You Enable the MFO Feature

Anyone running Box Drive 2.0 or later automatically receives MFO within 24 hours of your enabling it.  Anyone in your organization who wants to receive it earlier can quit Box Drive and re-start to force an immediate feature check.


If You Disable the MFO Feature

Anyone who previously had MFO enabled will have the feature turned off within 24 hours of your disabling it.  When it is disabled, all content the user had marked for offline access automatically becomes online only, without any user interaction. If you wish to disable it sooner, you can have your people quit Box Drive and re-start it to force an immediate feature check. You can also require people to log out of Box Drive, which ensures all cached content is immediately evicted.


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