Managing Active Workflows for Success

Whether you are the owner of multiple workflows or involved with multiple workflows, the Runtime View can help you manage and prioritize the most important workflow and tasks, the activity and comments within each step, roadblocks, and much more.
To access your Runtime View, click on the Workflows tab on the top right of your screen.
Once you click on the Workflows tab, you be defaulted to the Active Workflows tab.
If you currently have any active workflows, you will see them listed here. By default, the list is sorted by the earliest created date in ascending order. However, you can also sort the workflows alphabetically, or by the status of the workflow. These sort criteria allows you to quickly find workflows that you may prioritize.
You will also notice additional information on the right under the 'People' tab and 'Details' tab:
The People tab will allow you to quickly see which individuals are involved in the specific workflow and their respective roles, as well as the ability to share the workflow through a static hyperlink.
The Details tab allows you to check the status of the workflow, the metadata associated, and (if you are the Workflow Owner) the option to cancel the workflow.
To access the Runtime View of any workflow, click on the workflow.
The Runtime View of a workflow presents you with key information about the workflow. In this view, you can see the status of the workflow, which step the workflow is on and the details of each step (content uploaded, comments, completion & due dates, and assignees). 

How to cancel your workflow

If you decide to cancel your workflow for any reason while they are active, Box Relay allows you to do that through your Active Workflows page or the Runtime View of the individual workflows.
Note: Once a workflow is cancelled, you cannot resume that workflow. You must relaunch another workflow.
To cancel an active workflow:
  • Open the Active Workflow tab
  • If you are the workflow owner, you will see the Cancel Workflow option in the More Options menu (...) to the right of the workflow's name. You will also see a Cancel Workflow link on the details tab of the right sidebar.
  • Once you click Cancel Workflow button, a confirmation screen will appear.
  • Click Cancel Workflow to finalize the cancelation. 
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