Launching a Workflow Automatically

Launch a Workflow Automatically.

As you build your workflow template, you can set it to auto-start.  Auto-start templates are workflow templates that launch automatically when someone adds content to a folder you select.  It doesn’t matter how someone adds content to the folder – whether by moving or uploading, via a partner integration or Box Capture, or directly emailing content into a folder – any method can trigger a workflow.


When you set a template to auto-start, you also configure it to monitor a Box folder you designate.  This is the trigger folder.  When someone uploads, moves, or copies a document into the trigger folder, Relay automatically launches the workflow you created.  In other words, when that document enters the folder it triggers the start of the workflow.


When someone adds content to the trigger folder, Relay launches the workflow and:

  1. creates a folder to contain all workflow-related documents, and invites all workflow assignees to collaborate in that folder.
  2. moves the document added to the trigger folder into its newly-created workflow folder.
  3. notifies the workflow owner that an auto-start workflow has begun.

The workflow tasks proceed as designed.


The protocol of the workflow title is [Workflow Template Name]-[Uploaded Document Name].  If you’re the workflow owner, you can edit this title in the Runtime View.


You can create an auto-start template by building it from scratch, or you can take advantage of an existing workflow template and change its status from a manual start to an auto-start.


To build an auto-start workflow from scratch

  1. From the top menu bar, click Select Create New Template
  2. Click Blank Template to build a workflow template from scratch by clicking Blank Template
  3. Enter a template title and description
  4. At the Wizard prompt, click Guide Me.
  5. Click to display the Start Step. Click Auto-Start.


    Start-stop auto-start.png
  1. When your folder structure displays, click the folder you want to use as the trigger folder.  (You can opt instead to create a new folder.)



  1. In the Workflow Owner box, enter the email of the person to own this workflow. The workflow owner is responsible for all administrative actions while the workflow proceeds. 

IMPORTANT   For auto-start templates, the workflow owner must also be an editor or owner of the trigger folder.  Otherwise the workflows do not launch automatically.

  1. Click Next. Select a step type.  You can use content uploaded to that folder as the content for that step. . 

Review Contract and Approve.png


  1. Enter task assignees. You cannot publish auto-start workflows until you enter all assignees for the entire workflow.  The workflow owner can change this later when the workflow is in process.


    Add Assignees.png


  1. Click Publish. Relay starts monitoring the folder for new content uploads. 

Note   You can halt the triggered workflows at any time.  To do this, un-publish your workflow.  


To change a manual launch template to an auto-start template.

  1. Open the workflow template you want to modify.
  2. Click the pencil icon. The Start Step box displays.
  3. Click Auto-Start. Then then repeat steps 6 through 10 above to set up the auto-start process.

IMPORTANT   You may need to modify later steps to refer to content that is being uploaded to that folder.  In addition, you must add assignees to every step since there is no longer a launch – it’s automated!


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