What are you excited for at BoxWorks 2017?

Community Manager

What are you excited for at BoxWorks 2017?

Hi everyone! 


We're very happy to have you all as part of our Box Community here.

But we're even more excited to see you in person at BoxWorks this year,  which is only 2 weeks away!


I'm personally excited for our great hosts of speakers (oh my god, Neil DeGrasse Tyson!) as well as the great sessions here!

Some of the most helpful (and most popular) sessions that I've attended include:

  • The Practitioner Presentations
    1. What Does Your Content Management Strategy Want to be When It Grows Up?
    2. Can't We All Just Get Along? Integrating Box with Other Tools
  • BoxWorks Crystal Ball Keynote

If you're going, comment below on what you're excited to see at BoxWorks!