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Community Manager
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Introduce yourself! Howard Lio Community Manager at Box

Hi everyone,

I'm Howard and I'm glad to meet you all as your Community Manager!


Usually, I am making community announcements, implementing changes, or answering your questions in all the forum. Feel free to ask me any questions about the Community including where to go and what to post!


In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball and watching Marvel movies and tv shows.

I am currently in search for the best fast food places in America: Waffle House, Hopdoddy's, and In n Out are special to me, but suggestions are always welcome.


Excited to meet you all, and let me know how I can help!

Respected Contributor
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Re: Introduce yourself! Howard Lio Community Manager at Box

Hello @Howard

I'm Doug and I live in the greater Metro Nashville, TN area.  You have probably seen me on the forum.  I try to get on here as often as my work allows.  I'm a problem-solver and tinkerer by nature.  I like to look for the posts with "0" replies and click on those first.  I enjoy a challenge and a when I see a problem it is like an itch in my brain that I have to scratch.


I've been in IT for 20 years and have held just about every job one can hold in our field.  For hobbies, I love recreational shooting, golf, family time and just working out in the yard.  When I leave my work for the day, I seldom touch a computer.  I have a garage full of tools and there's always something to do. 

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Re: Introduce yourself! Howard Lio Community Manager at Box

HI Howard:


I work on a mac and uploaded several presnetations to my box account as keynote files.  All of a sudden I went in to my files and the format was chagned from Keynote to Iworks?  I've never heard of this format and furhter can not open up any of my presentations. Do you have any recommendationis? I can't seem to connect with anyone at BOX directly even thought I sent an email a week ago asking for assitance.


Thank you



Occasional Visitor
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Re: Introduce yourself!

[ Edited ]

Hello, Howard! 


I'm Nic Nelson, a professional writing coach and editor. My small firm does both academic and publication work— we do things like dissertation coaching, and we also help independent authors publish wisely.


A new client of mine actually introduced me to Box and has emailed me links to the three manuscripts he wants me to edit. Those files are here in Box somewhere; now that I have signed up, I am not sure how to find him among the Box community here! Any hints as to how I can search the membership and send him a ping? Or must I email him and ask for something in particular: a permission code perhaps, or his Box username? 


Even if I knew his Box username (I certainly do know his real name, and two of his email addresses) I am not sure how to use that information to find him and gain permission to edit the files he has stored here.


Let me know how I should proceed!


(...meanwhile, I think I'll poke around here a little bit, and get to know the neighborhood...)


Much thanks,


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