The pending invitations panel saves you time by enabling you to quickly find and accept important invitations to keep your work flowing.


Pending invitations are requests for collaboration, or other actions, that you have not yet accepted or rejected.  Pending invitations can come from collaborators, as well as from enterprises requiring you to perform special actions before you can access content.


The pending invitations panel lists invitations in groups based on category.  Categories include:

  • invitations from enterprises to create a strong password, and a button to update your password,
  • invitations from enterprises to enroll in Two-factor Authentication (2FA), and a button to set up 2FA,
  • invitations from enterprises to accept terms of service, and a button to view them,
  • invitations from coworkers to collaborate on content, and a button to accept them.

For each invitation you've not accepted, the pending invitations panel displays the name of the file or project folder to which you're invited, how many pending invitations you have in the project folder, and a button for  accepting the invitation.






To find and resolve a pending invitation:

  1.  In the left menu of your Box account window, click All Files.
  2. In the pending invitations panel under ACTION REQUIRED, hover on the name of a file or folder.
  3. To see details about the invitation, click the ellipses, "...", and select View Details.
  4. To decline the invitation, click the ellipses, "...", and select Decline All.
  5. To accept the invitation and gain access to the project's content, click Accept.







Note   Based on the requirements of the inviting enterprise, after you accept an invitation, Box may prompt you to accept terms of service and/or configure a password before you can access the enterprise's shared content.