Troubleshooting issues with collaborative folders

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Troubleshooting issues with collaborative folders

I've been sending collaboration invites to various individuals on a project. When the invite is sent out some are required to create an account when accessing the folder and some go straight to the folder. Those that are required to access the folder are forced into a 250mb file limitation in terms of how big of a file they can upload and their file sizes for the project exceed that size. 


The account I use has set permissions at 5g file size limit and no max to how much they can put into the folder. I am unsure why some individuals are forced into this limitation system while others are not.


Does a collaboration not share the same file size limit despite that the folder originally came from me? Any help is appreciated on fixing this issue.

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Re: Troubleshooting issues with collaborative folders



Here's the way it should work. The rules of max file size, who is charged quota, etc. depend on who owns the folder. So, if I invite you to a folder in a personal Box account the folder will have a restriction of max 250MB files even if your account has a 5GB max file size limit. Conversely, if you invite me to a folder, my interactions will be based on your account's settings. That means I can have those two folders side-by-side in my All Files view and one will have one set of rules and the other will have the other.


If this is not the case for the behavior you are seeing you might want to contact Box Support for them to troubleshoot.





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