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See all results in search

Is there a way that search can be set to show results that a user does not have access to?

I'm finding it really frustrating, from a knowledge management perspective, that just because you don't see the file you want in the search results, that doesn't mean that it isn't there. Ideally, I'd like to see search results that include everything, but items I don't have access to are still inaccessible; At least then I could seek permission to access them, or I could be 100% certain that the files do not exist.

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Box's access controls are the cornerstone of security for enterprises like mine. We store PHI in Box. In some cases the name of a file or folder can be classified as PHI. Having the names of each of the 1 billion+ files in my enterprise accessible to all users via search would not only violate laws, it would make search unusable. If users knew the titles of their documents were searchable by everyone it would add tremendous overhead to just naming your document to obscure sensitive documents. Imagine if I searched on my name and found a document called "Bob Flynn termination letter.docx". Awkward...


Even dedicated cross-enterprise search tools like Microsoft Delve or Google Springboard only give a user visibility into assets they only have access to. 





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Re: See all results in search

Thanks Bob.

I can certainly see why that would cause you a problem.

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