Salesforce auto-create folders?

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Salesforce auto-create folders?

Hello All,


I have connected into SFDC Opps and whenever a user clicks into the API, a folder for the Opp is created. Is there a way to have it also generate subfolders when doing so?

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Re: Salesforce auto-create folders?

Hi @CharltonHua,

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Thanks for the question! Could you clarify what you mean by subfolders appearing automatically? Our salesforce integration will help create folders to match your opportunities and accounts, but do you want to see custom folders appear as well?

Check out our documentation on the integration if that helps!



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Re: Salesforce auto-create folders?

Yes I have the API connected however when clicking into the VF of an Opportunity I am looking for it to also create an additional folder e.g. Photos
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Re: Salesforce auto-create folders?

Would also be interested in seeing how this can be customized.

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Re: Salesforce auto-create folders?

I would also see this as essentual for our users. Something along the lines of '


  • Opportunity Name

With subfolder auto created within Opportunity Name::

  • Rev 1

And then 4 further sub folder within Rev 1:

  • Enquiry Docs
  • Site Photos
  • Tender Docs
  • Technical Docs

This should be standard functionality, also with the option of template documents within some of the subfolders

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