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Previewing files in



Is there any way to display previews of files when you select them? Rather than having to double click on a file to display a preview, I would like a preview to be displayed on the right side when I select a file (in the section where currently "Details" are displayed).






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Re: Previewing files in

Hi @edeventer_oiko,


First of all let me say that I agree with your idea and I think you should submit the feature request to Box. I do want to point out that they are part-way there now. You get this precise functionality with image files. In fact with image files you can see the image directly, which is particularly helpful when you are in grid, rather than list view. Based on this behavior, I suspect that Box would need to generate a thumbnail for each file to make this work. I suspect that would take a lot of processing power, but who knows!


Second, and this is a minor thing, but do note that you can open files with a single click on their name rather than having to double click their row in list view (or bounding box in grid view).


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