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Permanent Link to File

Hi.  My understanding is that if a file is updated via Box Sync - that it won't affect the direct URL link to that file.  However, it seems to me that the URL link breaks when the file is moved to a different folder that has different Collaborators.  Is this true?  If so, how do you obtain a permanent URL link to a file despite it moving around the different folders.

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Re: Permanent Link to File

@kevintsuistem - Actually, great news: Shared Links in Box (which are different than the URL you see at the top of your browser) don't break when a file is renamed or moved to a different location!


Check out this article for more information on Shared Links in Box:


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Re: Permanent Link to File

I have a script which updates a file in the box sync folder in my local system.

The update is basically to delete the old file and replace it with a new one with the same name and updated data
Everytime the file is updated, the Box link changes making my other scripts to fail which use wget to fetch the data.

Any resolution to this?


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Re: Permanent Link to File

Hi @shahedjanjua,



If you're deleting a file, you are deleting the ID of the file. If you simply upload a file with the same name, you are then overwriting the file with a new version and the file id and shared link should still maintain.


Can you modify your workflow to avoid deleting the file and instead overwrite the file with a new version?

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