Office Co-authoring with Desktop Excel 2016?

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Office Co-authoring with Desktop Excel 2016?

Hey everyone,


I think I have looked at most places but am unable to find the right answer for this.


I am trying to co-author an excel file with my co-worker. I have box edit/tools installed and go to the file from the browser (chrome). Then, I click Open with "Excel 2016" instead of "Excel Online". Is Co-authoring not supported on Excel 2016 desktop?


Because, once I do open it in this way, I am unable to co-author as my co-worker sees the file in box online as "locked by another user" or something to that effect I believe.

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Re: Office Co-authoring with Desktop Excel 2016?



If by "co-authoriing" you mean real-time collaboration, then the answer is no. Microsoft only allows that with the desktop applications for files stored on SharePoint. The request has been made by many Box customers, but it is ultimately up to Microsoft to change. Currently your only options for real-time collaboration on MS Office documents are the Office Online integration and possibly the iWork integration, also online only. 





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