Metadata Support in Mobile Apps

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Metadata Support in Mobile Apps



I have questions related to the support of Metadata functionality from mobile apps (iPad is primary mobile device, but I assume all mobile apps have essentially the same features). 


I have an older version of the mobile app and for reasons outside my control I cannot upgrade to the latest, or else I'd be able to answer this myself. I've also tried searching through the online documentation, tutorials, and information on the App Store, without success. 


My questions are as follows: 


  1. Can mobile app users view property values applied through custom Metadata Templates?
  2. Can mobile app users search against individual property values applied through custom Metadata Templates? For example, searching against an Account Number, Country, or ZIP Code. 
  3. Can mobile app users change or insert values of some attributes available only through Metadata Templates?


Thank you so much,


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Re: Metadata Support in Mobile Apps

Hi @jpg1, welcome! 


Sorry to hear about not being able to update! To answer your questions, there is unfortunately not much in terms of metadata functionality with the mobile app. This is one of our most highly requested features though, and we hope to bring it out in a future release (just don't know when)!




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Re: Metadata Support in Mobile Apps

Hi Jason,
Thank you so much for your information. That is what I suspected, but I was not able to determine that on my own. This helps.


Re: Metadata Support in Mobile Apps



I am trying to mark your reply as the Accepted Solution but I cannot see a way to do that from the UI. My first reply was from my email account; I wonder if that has anything to do with it. 


According to the online help for the community: 


How do I mark a message as a solution?

To mark a message as a solution, click Accept as Solution on the reply.

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To revoke an accepted solution, click Options > Not the Solution.

You can choose another solution or leave the question unsolved.



However I cannot see a way to accept any replies as a solution. Sorry. 


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