Folder Ownership

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Folder Ownership

As a Co-Admin I am setting up a folder structure for our enterprise. The structure will be something like:
CompanyName -->LineOfBusiness-->Application-->...
As I am a Co-Admin, I log into and start creating the folders. Naturally this makes me the Owner of these folders. However, over the long haul I do not want to be the owner. Instead it should be something generic to the company. To attempt this, I created a group called "Company Admins" and collaborated that group into CompanyName folder as a Co-Owner. I then attempted to transfer ownership to that group. This I could not do which brought me to the conclusion that groups cannot be folder owners.
Instead I assume that the next best thing is to create a generic Co-Admin for this purpose and transfer ownership to that account.
That said, my question is on whether this is the best approach (i.e. generic co-admin) or is there alternate "best practice" on this?
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Re: Folder Ownership



I respect what you are trying to achieve, but your instinct that this idea of you owning everything being wrong is correct. Here is an alternative that we use widely and effectively.

  1. For each LineOfBusiness set up an account. You don't need to use a routable email. There are pros and cons for whether it should be routable which we could go into, but we choose not to make them routable. The main thing is that no one can log into them.
  2. You create a top-level folder under that account and identify someone responsible for the LoB and make them co-owner. They can manage their LoB's folder structure, adding folders and collaborators wherever needed. If you are at a small company, you might not need to do this step, but unless you want to spend your days managing every department's Box environment, I recommend distributed control. We typically have the department identify two co-owners so they can handle their own turnover in that role. You as Box admin can always log in as that account if you need to, but we almost never need to. 


This way each LoB "owns" their data, but no individual does. As staff changes you can remove them, either individually or through managed groups. We make that decision based on size and rate of turnover. 


That's the basic concept. Chew over it. Let me know where it doesn't work for your enterprise and we can discuss tweaks.



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