External user FTP access

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External user FTP access

Good day,


I have a user, who is not part of my organization, that requires ftp access to one of my folders. Is there a way i can set him up without making him a managed user?


I'd rather not have to use one of my licenses for a external consultant.




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Re: External user FTP access

I am also curious about this.  Have you received a response?  Thanks

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Re: External user FTP access

Hi @smanuel and @JoshK88!

Unfortunately, you must have a business account or above and the user must be a managed user to utilize FTP! We require users to be apart of an organization to be able to use this feature and free users, even when collaborating into business accounts cannot use FTP.


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Re: External user FTP access


Can anyone clarify the following please :-

If our external collaborator also has an enterprise account as do we , can we then invite them as a external collaborator to allow them to automatically load files into our box org via FTP?

If this isn't possible is there any other way an external user can automate a process to add files into our box org so as our application can pick up the files?



Re: External user FTP access

Hi @Rich63,


Welcome to the Box Community and thanks for your first post on the forum!


Yes. External users can use FTP if the Enterprise account they belong with has FTP enabled. However, on your second question, Yes, but box doesn’t have a prebuilt tool. You have to make your own tool or process for automating uploads or you can write a program to use our API.


More information about API here:

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