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Export List of All Users



I am looking for just as simple report that exports a list of all users we have on our account w/ their email address.  I want ot take that list and email them all from Outlook.  All the Export reports I can find are related to usage....but we need to export all accounts, not just ones that have had activity.  Help? 


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To export a list of all your users, just go to the Admin Console, then click on the Users and Groups icon. Under the Managed users tab, you will find a button that says "Export Users". This will generate a report showing you a list of all users and their email addresses. I hope this helps.

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Get a List of External Users

Hi, how can i get a list or report of all external user in my enterprise account? 

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Re: Export List of All Users

This does not seem to give you the External users. This only gives you the Managed users. Is there a way to get all users internal and external? Thanks.


Re: Export List of All Users

I am looking for a way to do this also.  Did you every discover a way?


Re: Export List of All Users

Hi @AFrench,


Thanks for your post!


There is a report that you can pull up that gets you the list of both External collaborators/Users and Managed Users -- you can get the report by Exporting the Collaboration option from the Reports page. Once you got the extracted report, you can filter the Collaborator Login column to External only.


Check out our community article on Running Reports to see what other forms of report you can generate for your users.


Hope that helps. Many thanks for your help and time in the Community!

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