Collaborators and pricing


Collaborators and pricing

I am enabling collaboration for contractors external to my business.


However, a concern has been raised that we will be charged per collaborator but I have been unable to identify anywhere in the knowledge base that answers this question.


I thought that a collaborator was treated differently to an employee as their access is not granted via an account.


Please advise.

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Re: Collaborators and pricing

Hi @jobrianti,

Welcome to the community and thanks for your first post in the forum!

Thanks for the detailed question! Have you checked out this article about collaborators and pricing?


"With certain paid accounts, both External Users and Managed Users contribute towards your overall purchased user seat count. Enterprise and Elite accounts have unlimited external collaboration, so only Managed users contribute to your seat count." If you have more questions, discuss this with our sales rep team if you need more info about your account. 

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Re: Collaborators and pricing

The concern is that external collaborators who have a Box license are also charged against my seat count, even those who are a part of an Enterprise account.  Can you please confirm if this is correct?

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Re: Collaborators and pricing

Hi @gb78912,


Thanks for your question!


You are correct, if you allow external collaborators to edit, upload or do anything beyond viewing the files in your account via shared links, that collaborator will count against the seat total for your account. Collaborators are priced according to the account they access, not the account they originate in.


Pricing is always a challenge to get exactly right, as rarely is there a single price that works for everyone in every possible use case. The best you can do is create pricing that is easy for customers to understand and evaluate, even if what is going on underneath is actually quite complicated.


It may help to consider a few scenarios:

  • I'm a business owner who wants my team to collaborate with external suppliers as easily as possible. I don't want to require my partners to purchase licenses of the software in order to do this, but I do want to manage user access controls around who can access the content and what they can do - I want these partners to create a free account in the service and then I can assign them the access I want.
  • Same scenario as above, but one of my partners has also deployed Box to their users. To make it easy for both IT teams, I don't want to provision additional Box users to collaborate in my account, I want them to be able to utilize the Box user account they already have, whether it is a paid account or not.
  • In addition, let's say my business has purchased specific content management features for my business, like Box Zones or Governance. My external partners have accounts as well, but most lack these features. I want to ensure these features are applied consistently to our account's content, but I don't want to require my partners to pay the difference in cost between what they pay for their account and what is required to access mine.
  • From the opposite perspective, my business has purchased an Enterprise account with additional content management features, like Box Zones or Governance. I am also an external partner of a business that is using an limited feature account who has granted me access to collaborate on their files. My partner should not have to upgrade their plan to match mine in order for me to collaborate on their content.

These scenarios may or may not apply to your use case, but hopefully you can see some of the potential permutations and complexities involved. At the end of the day, every account owner needs to evaluate the needs of their organization, and we hope our current pricing allows them to make informed decisions and purchases for their needs accordingly.


Thanks again for the question, you have not been alone in wondering about this. Hopefully the details above help to clarify some of the challenges involved.



Re: Collaborators and pricing

I have a related question. I am on a Business Plan, and are looking to maybe upgrade to Business Plus, to allow unlimited external users. However the pricing model is extremely unclear. It says that the Business Plus plan is "21 Euro per user". Does this mean I will be charged current 36 Euro for the Business, and 3x21 Euro for the upgrade (3 internal users in my current plan)?


This would mean that I would pay 98 Euro, per month?


Or is it 57 Euro per month?  That is: 36 Euro (current business), plus 21 Eurofor the plus plan?


You really need to get the pricing model clear, with comparisons up. So I can see my total cost plan for different options.


And frankly, if I as a small business owner (2 employees) would be charged 98 Euro/month. I will need to look for other collaboration means with my suppliers/customers, go back to Dropbox for example.


Wouldappreciate clarification,


Best regards,




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Re: Collaborators and pricing

I was contacted by an outbound marketing call from Box the other day. This was in in response to a webinar I attended. I was asked if I was interested in the Metadata feature.
This led to pricing and features. I was told that the Metadata feature was not available on the standard [core] business plan, but was on the plan known as Business Plus. 'Business what?'.

It was available to be added to Business Plus. Well, it appears to be included in the Business Plus plan.
So what else is available - unlimited collaborators. That's right, from what I can see, an additional $9 per month from the standard business package, I have three users, and the plan allows unlimited collaborators.

But, what else? And, I was also interested in Relay, again. No answer from the rep on cost.

Ok, box, pass this onto your masters. Small businesses may use additional technologies to help build their businesses. We wear a lot of hats in this very demanding complicated world we live in. Things like the Metadata feature may help us out. It would certainly help me out.

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Re: Collaborators and pricing

Thanks @ShepherdProtect for your post, and appreciate the feedback.


Hopefully your discussion was able to address the questions you had, or they'll follow up soon with additional info. Our sales team often has the most up-to-date information about our latest pricing packages that are available. I definitely encourage anyone on this discussion thread with questions about purchasing options for Box to contact our sales team and see what they can recommend for your needs.



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