BoxZones if you aren't a business customer

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BoxZones if you aren't a business customer

Just finding how to ask a question is a major mission! So frustrated ... 


I have a very small business - Only one user, so Business pricing options don't work for me as they require a minimum of 3 users. So - the Personal Pro option is likely to be the one I need. But I need to know where my data will be stored because of GDPR. I have looked through the forum and found the long complicated answers about safe harbour etc. but just need a simple answer to where will my data be and can I choose. 



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Re: BoxZones if you aren't a business customer

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Thanks for posting your question on the Box Community!


First of all, sorry about the frustration with finding the right place to ask a question! We are working on retooling the site to make things like this more obvious and to encourage users like yourself to chime in with your questions more easily.


Currently, if you are using Box and don't use Zones, your data will be stored in Box's data centers in the US, and you do not have the ability to choose a different data residency. If you are interested in Box Zones, take a look at the following links for more detailed information:



You can also reach out to your Customer Success Manager to further discuss your options regarding Box Zones, or place a call to Box Sales at 1.877.729.4269.


Thanks for using Box, and have a great day!