All users, all access, all files

All users, all access, all files

I am just setting up an account for a small non-profit.  There are way more controls than I need.  How do I set it up so all users can have full access to all files--edit, upload, download...EVERYTHING.  


I uploaded some test folders with files in admin and set up 5 users including a test user so I could log in and see what the other users were seeing.  When I logged in as the test user, I couldn't see any of the folders I had made as admin.  The whole point is for everyone to have full access to all files.  Is there a way I can change the settings of folders in admin in "bulk" so all folders have universal access.  Security is of minimal concern here.


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Re: All users, all access, all files



If I understand you situation correctly, what you want to do is to make one folder and just invite everyone to it. Now, I will give one caveat. First, create an account that is the organization itself. By that I mean it is not an individual within the organization. Let's say the non-profit is the International Association of Basket Weavers ( [Just checked. Doesn't exist. Whew!] Make one account that is iabw-box[at], or something like that. The email address doesn't matter. It doesn't need to be routable.


Once you've created that account. Create one subfolder and give it the name of the organization. Invite everyone in the org as Editor. Now any and all work folders should be created under that. You might want to build out a few obvious subfolders under it to get people started with good habits.


This will give you a central spot. All of the content is owned by the org. If there are staff changes you just add and remove people and the content stays.


If someone inadvertently creates a folder and invites others to it, you can transfer ownership to the main account. This will require you to administratively log into that account to move the folder to the right place, but this should be the only time you'd have to do that.





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