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Aside from the star players and stellar teamwork, the iconic status of a basketball team is largely built on the branding and marketing of the organization. A senior IT director for a professional basketball team from the Midwest needed a more efficient way for the marketing and creative departments to collaborate on their materials and merchandise for the season. The teams created shared spaces in Box for their various marketing projects, where the two departments could upload, edit, and revise their designs, graphics, and marketing collateral in a centralized location. The materials were then sent via shared links for review, which were easily accessible and approved though Box Preview, before being sent off for production or circulation.


Having this centralized, shared workspace in Box now allows the marketing and creative departments to drastically increase their productivity on these projects, while minimizing file duplication and outdated versions of designs - symptoms of the previous method of emailing attachments across the organization.


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Route Investment Opportunities to Customers

by Wednesday - last edited Wednesday by

The head of IT at a financial services company is using metadata to store and organize investment opportunities within their account.


When this company receives investment opportunities from third party vendors, they use Box to easily distribute those opportunities to interested customers:


  1. First the team defined metadata in Box to classify the opportunities by:
    • price range
    • location
    • date
    • and origin
  2. Once an opportunity is received, they apply custom metadata attributes to the file to classify and group their content.
  3. The team then uses advanced searches by metadata to find the appropriate investment opportunity to pass it along to the correct party.


Metadata is fast and effective way for this company to find critical information and pass it along to their customers!


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Virtual Deal Room for Real Estate

by 2 weeks ago - last edited a week ago by

This is a use case I come across often!


A commercial real estate broker for a large real estate firm wanted a more efficient, secure way for interested buyers to review appropriate documentation and bid on properties. Their firm was growing so much it was hard to keep track of everything using email. So the broker's team created a virtual deal room folder with subfolders for each specific property:


  • They invited potential buyers into property specific subfolders to securely view the necessary documentation online.
  • They made sure to hide other collaborators in the folder to maintain anonymity.
  • They also disabled shared links and turned on watermarking to prevent unauthorized sharing.
  • And they could gage the interest of potential buyers by running detailed reports to see how many times they viewed a certain property.

As a result, the firm can now better assess the interest of potential buyers, reduce extra email communication, and speed up the overall bidding process.


Feel free to add your questions or share your example in the comments, or add a kudo if you liked it!


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Streamline Contracts Process With Suppliers

by 2 weeks ago - last edited a week ago by

A Contract Administrator for a large manufacturer uses Box to communicate with suppliers on a daily basis and ensure that contracts are signed in a timely manner. Prior to using Box, the Contract Administrator was communicating with suppliers/ sending reminders via email. Using Box has allowed her to streamline all communications with suppliers.


Here’s how she does it:

  1. She uploads a new contract to a Box folder she creates for each supplier.
  2. Then she adds the supplier as an external collaborator to the Box folder.
  3. She uses the comments and tasks features to update the supplier with new contract signing instructions, using specific language based on the type of contract. For suppliers are who are slow to sign, she has found this may require adding several comments over time.
  4. The supplier accesses and signs contract by uploading a new version with the signature.
  5. The Contract Administrator knows via notifications when contracts are signed, and can then edit the file and stamps the contract as approved.


Interacting directly with the supplier on the contract reduces the amount of emails it takes and the time required to approve and sign contracts, saving this administrator time.


Are you doing something similar with external suppliers and partners at your company? Share your example in the comments, or add a kudo if you liked this use case!


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Capture and Business Cards

by 2 weeks ago - last edited a week ago by
Here's a clever example of why to use Box Capture!
A road warrior wanted an easier way to keep track of all the business cards she acquired at meetings, trade shows, and conferences. Her goal was to not have to juggle paper business cards and the stress of losing them. So she downloaded Box Capture!
With Box Capture she is able to
  • take a photo of the business card and immediately upload it into a Box folder called Contacts.
  • organize the business cards in Box
  • add a description (where she met this contact)
  • and tags (what industry they are in) to the photo.
Now she never needs to worry about losing the email address or phone number for a potential sales lead or networking contact.
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Contract Management for Sales and Finance Teams

by 2 weeks ago - last edited a week ago by

Make it easier to manage your business contracts by integrating your CRM system with Box!  


For many consultancy firms, ensuring that the Business Development and Finance teams have access to all relevant commercial information can be a challenge. A Sales Analyst in a UK based boutique consultancy leveraged Box's APIs and Metadata templates to improve this process, by creating one centralised, secure location for all business contracts. 


The organisation developed a custom integration to connect their Box instance with Microsoft Dynamics. This allowed the sales team to upload client contracts to Box directly from their CRM tool! Once uploaded, the salesperson inputs additional information such as expiry dates, using a predefined metadata template. The Finance team can then use these metadata templates to easily search for all contracts that expire on a specific date. This means that the Finance team needs to spend less time on finding content and more time on getting stuff done! 


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