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I'd like to know if it's possibile to have different files synced on different computers.

i'd like to have some file synced on a computer and some others on a different computer.

is it possible?

thank you

Accepted by Vanessa (Box Employee)
‎09-30-2015 02:11 AM
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Re: sync/unsync

Hi Giuseppe_A,


Unfortunately, this is not yet possible. In the case where you sign into the same Box account on different computers, you cannot selectively differentiate between these two instances. 


However, you CAN mark certain folders/files for sync on one computer--so that not all of your files are synced down. This essentially makes a folder 'partially synced'.


This help article goes over marking folders for sync, and having "partially synced" folders:


I hope this helps!




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Re: sync/unsync

Why does this say solved when there isnt a solution yet???

I would really like a solution to this as well. I use for work and for Personal stuff and my work sync file is 39GB and my personal file is only 975MB. My personal computer said yesterday that its storage is full and I couldnt save a file. So I had to grap my USB drive. 


Please find a solution to this issue.

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Re: sync/unsync

I agree with Erinne42. Stating that Box doesn't have a basic capability is NOT A SOLUTION. 

I'm having the exact same problem between my work computer and my home laptop. If this isn't actually resolved (i.e., a solution that allows us to selectively sync files/folders to different computers) soon I will be switching to Dropbox. Dropbox does have this capability. Box needs to get it together if they expect to be competitive. 

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Re: sync/unsync

I also agree that the posted solution is an unacceptable one.


Every other cloud client has a selective sync option that doesn't nuke files/folders off of ALL PCs that have the sync client installed.


I'm absolutley baffled that Box Sync is incapable of this. I have a Macbook with a 64GB SSD and i cannot sync the entirety of my 30GB Box drive to it, and since there is no true "selective sync" option, I just cannot install/use the sync client on the Macbook without unsyncing files/folders that would remove themselves from my other PCs.


Please prioritize fixing this and making it work like all the other cloud providers.

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Re: sync/unsync

I wholeheartedly agree with everyone here. I have Box installed for several customer, and I'm migrating more and more customers to it, away from Sugarsync (which is having too many syncing issues on a regular basis when large folders are involved). I ABSOLUTELY need the feature to selectively sync folders to different computers using the SAME box user name. It's a tragedy that this doesn't exist unlike all the other major players in this space.

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Re: sync/unsync

I also agree this is not a helpful response.  Should be a simple fix.  Please recitfy as soon as possible.  Most users will have a office or desktop computer that will have more memory available than their laptop.  PLEASE FIX.

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Re: sync/unsync

Agreed! This is definitely needed functionality!

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Re: sync/unsync

Has or will there be a fix for this? It's December 2016 and still no selective sync. 


I installed on my Mac needing to sync only ONE folder out of 30+GBs of work stuff. There is NO selective sync options. It's ALL or NOTHING. And no, you can't log onto a computer and deselect 1000 folders just to get one to sync... 


When you install Box Sync - You should like your competition, allow before syncing the user to CHOOSE WHICH FOLDERS TO SYNC and thus, start out with NONE selected and let the user choose. Why is that so hard?

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Re: sync/unsync

@pstone You know you can drill down into a folder on box (via browser) and select folders to sync to the desktop?  You don't have to grab all or nothing.  I do this all the time.  Using the browser sync toggle feature it is fairly painless to select what folders to select/unselect for syncing.


To the original post, having read all of them, it sounds like the original request is to be able to select, by file type, what to sync or skip over.  As an administrator, I could see value in this as well.  I may want to allow users to use box sync to sync their My Documents folder - but not every family photo or downloaded MP3s.  Even with that scenario I can see problems.  I don't see of a way of being able to discriminate between photos that are good (company IP) and personal - same for any other file.  Don't get me wrong, I do think there is value, but it can be a slippery slope.