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Upload - amount of files limitation?

A user report to me this topic: transfer from a local drive into Box seemed to be limited to about 30 files at a time, when the user tried 50 the process did not complete properly, the final files had to be sent again separately.
Once shared with our supplier he could only download 20 documents at a time (the number of files on each screen he was shown).
This made it very tedious for both the user and the supplier, as user had 370 files to transfer. Supplier did make their feelings known, politely of course, but they were not happy.

Are there any guidelines on this process? maybe a Java update needed? IE or Chrome browser preferred?
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Re: Upload - amount of files limitation?



Box does throttle uploads, but it is rate, not number. Box throttles 4 files/sec.


What is the upload method? Web? FTP? Box Sync? Box Drive? WebDav?


I don't believe Java is part of the web upload anymore.


Chrome. FireFox. Safari. Opera. All work fine.


Friends don't let friends use IE.



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Re: Upload - amount of files limitation?

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You should be able to download the entire folder, not just what's on the page.  If you click the [...] (more options) for the folder, you should see this dropdown.  Select "Download" and it'll give you the entire thing in one .zip file.


Alternatively, if you're already inside the folder, click the folder name on the folder path (on the top), you'll get the same dropdown with same options.


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Re: Upload - amount of files limitation?

Excellent tip, @gordio283. NOTE: If the total size of the download is over 15GB it will not download the whole thing and it will not tell you it is incomplete.