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New Member
Posts: 1

Path not found for files in Box Drive

I'm getting several files with a "Path not found error" in Box Drive. When I inspect the properties, I have this:


Files that work don't have the \\?\ before the C:  What's going one? What's causing this? How do I fix it?

Current workaround is to download the files over the web interface. Properties look fine in my Download folder. If I move it and overwrite to my Box folder, the properties get screwed up and I can't open the file. Help!

Box Employee
Posts: 379

Re: Path not found for files in Box Drive


Thanks for using the Community! This question may actually be better addressed by opening a support ticket with our User Services team. Since the product is still in beta, they work closely with our engineering team to iron out issues and would be the best resource to assist!