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How do I set all Folders and Files to never "Unshare"?

I have hundreds of folders and files and for some reason, I'm getting daily of email notifications telling me that "You have 1 item set to be unshared" for items that were created a year ago

Then I have to open each item, click multiple buttons and links to get to the setting to uncheck the "Unshare on date" checkbox, then I have to click a few more times to get back to the home screen.


This is super painful and frustrating....


Is there a way I can set all my folders and files to never "unshare"?





Accepted by topic author dsbright
2 weeks ago
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Re: How do I set all Folders and Files to never "Unshare"?

Hi @dsbright,


Thanks for your post!


I believe your Admin has selected the option to have shared links automatically disabled after a certain number of days. If you want to remove the expiration date you will need to reach out to your Admin.


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Re: How do I set all Folders and Files to never "Unshare"?

Thanks @katrinaa,

I suspected it may have been an Admin setting, but I was hoping it was not :-)

I will reach out to the Admin team and confirm.

Thanks for the help.