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Cannot find files shared with me

[ Edited ]

So where are my files??  I don't want forums or discussions or "communities"!  I want the files someone left here for me!  There is absolutely nothing on your page telling how to get to that... and what other reason do you imagine anyone is using Box for?  The "help" search leads to a bunch of other people asking the EXACT SAME QUESTION but it includes NO ANSWERS!! 

Community Manager
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Re: Cannot find files shared with me

Hi @aultg,


Welcome to the Box Community.


Could you provide a little more context on what you're missing? You say that someone left you files, but do you know how did they share it with you?

Did they used shared links or did they invite you to a Box folder? Do you have anything in your Box account?



If you have more info, share it with the community and we can see what you're missing!


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