Box Sync Icons Not showing in Finder Folder

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Box Sync Icons Not showing in Finder Folder

I have Box Sync installed on two computers. 

On my work computer I see the blue and yellow icons next to each file and folder in my finder. From my finder I am able to lock files, copy links, unsync, ect. 

However, on my personal computer I do not see these icons and have to do that all through an internet browser. Files still sync but I don't have the added functions. Does anyone know how I can get those blue/yellow icons to show?


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Re: Box Sync

Hello @agreenberg

Are you sure you have box sync on both and not box sync on one and box drive on the other?

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Re: Box Sync

Yes I am sure
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Re: Box Sync

Hi @agreenberg,

Thanks for your post and question!


If you're using a Mac, I usually resolve this issue by going to the finder extension (System Preferences) and disabling and reenabling the finder extension for Box.

That usually makes the icons reappear for Mac and gives me back functionality in the finder. 


If it's for Windows, it may be a reg key issue limitation. Check out this thread for a similar case:

Let the community know if this helps

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Re: Box Sync

The icons are gone for me as well, but I believe it's because I updated to High Sierra.


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I am using a mac and tried that and it didn't come back and I also had upgraded to Sierra.

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Re: Box Sync Icons Not showing in Finder Folder

I'm having the same issue. I've logged out of Box, logged in again, disabled and re-enabled the extensions in system preferences. I can't right click to share box link (not box functions available from right click menu), and no status icons are visible in Finder. Items are syncing up and down still however. very confused and had this issue for several weeks - can't resolve...?