Box Sync Problem Notification - File Deleted on Box

Box Sync 4.0 provides detailed user notifications if there an issue syncing a file or folder.

You see this message in the following situations:

  • When the file is edited offline and you try to delete the item on Box. You see this error message when Box Sync restarts.
  • When the file is deleted on Box and you try to edit the item locally. You see this error message as soon as the conflict is detected.

In either scenario, a parent folder might have been unsynced. An unsync on Box is interpreted as a delete on local. If File X was specifically deleted on Box (as a result of a parent being unsynced or deleted) and edited locally at the same time, then uploading File X to that same location will no longer sync the file. If you upload File X to a different synced folder, that file will reappear locally.




All devices with Box Sync installed.


Resolution Steps


To work around this issue, make a copy of the file and delete the original. Alternately, upload the file via the web app to some other currently synced location and delete the original.

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