Box Sync Problem Notification - File Could Not Be Synced

Box Sync 4.0 provides detailed user notifications if there an issue syncing a file or folder.


In rare cases, a certain sequence of actions/events between the local computer and the Box website may prevent a file from being synced.




All devices with Box Sync installed.


Resolution Steps


In this case, the best solution is to restart Box Sync. Here's how: 



  1. Locate the Box Sync icon in the Menu Bar and click to open the menu. 
  2. In the menu, select Quit. 
  3. Restart Box Sync from your Applications folder.


  1. Locate the Box Sync icon in your System tray and right-click to open the menu. 
  2. Select Quit. 
  3. Start Box Sync from the Windows Start menu. 

Restarting Box Sync will automatically kick-off a new Sync process. This will provide another opportunity for the file to be Synced. If the problem persists, please open up a case with Box Product Support who will help to troubleshoot this further. 

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