Box Sync Problem Notification - Dependency Failed

Box Sync 4.0 provides detailed user notifications if there an issue syncing a file or folder.

This issue may occur when Box Sync is unable to execute a particular action because it depends on another action that has failed. For example, Box Sync is attempting to create a folder structure with folder "X" contained in parent folder "Y". If the creation of parent folder "Y" fails, then creating folder "X" will fail, and Box will display this "Dependency failed" message.




All devices with Box Sync installed.


Resolution Steps


  1. The issue may be a one-off problem related to various environmental factors. Wait a few minutes and click the "Retry All" button to see if it syncs without errors the second time. 
  2. If the issue is with syncing content down from the web app, try unmarking and remarking the folder for sync. 
  3. If the above steps does not resolve the error, open a Box User Services ticket and include a screenshot of the error message and your Box Sync logs
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