*Effective Box Sync 4.0.5024, you can sync Mac packages to and from Box.*


Mac Packages and Box Sync

While Mac packages present several challenges, Box has designed a workflow that allows you to view and edit these files using Box Sync. Here are some details to keep in mind:

  • Uploads to the Box web application:
    • Uploading a new version via the web application: Not allowed.
    • Uploading a package via the web application: Prevented in many cases because these technologies cannot successfully upload a package. In cases where a package can be uploaded (for example, Chrome + drag-and-drop), they appear as a folder (and may cause some associated issues).


Unsupported Scenarios

  • Box Edit (web application): Disabled for packages
  • Upload New Version (web application): Disabled for packages
  • Preview (web application): Not supported for packages


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