Moving from Relay Classic to New Relay - New and Discontinued Functions


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Effective January 1, 2020, Box no longer offers Relay Classic.  As for any Box files you may have used in Relay Classic workflows, these remain in Box and you can continue to access them as you normally do.

Here are more details on the new and improved Box Relay and Relay Lite that have replaced Relay Classic.

There is a substantial amount of new functionality available in New Relay that was not available in Relay Classic.  There are also some Relay Classic functions that are not yet part of New Relay, 


New functions – that is, what you can do in new Relay that you could not do in Relay Classic: 

  • Workflow builder accessible directly within the Box app
  • Build workflow directly on the folders where your content lives
  • Leverage metadata as part of your workflows
  • Support simultaneous paths of a workflow
  • Trigger workflows on any file, folder, or task event (such as file upload or copy)
  • See task status directly on any file view
  • Access a dedicated task inbox and page


Retiring functions – that is, what you could do in Relay Classic but cannot yet do in new Relay:

  • Add subscribers to workflows 
  • Share workflows or executions of workflows with other users 
  • End a workflow after any step
  • Put a workflow on hold manually
  • Manually start a workflow (to be added back into Relay in Q4 of 2019)
  • Reassign a workflow
  • Assign names to tasks at the start of a workflow (to be added back into Relay in Q4 of 2019)


For comprehensive information on creating and managing workflows in Relay, go to


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