Update on the End of Support for WebDAV

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Update on the End of Support for WebDAV

We wish to remind you that, as previously communicated, we will be deprecating support for WebDAV. To give everyone time to migrate off WebDAV, we have extended the end of support date to October 25, 2019.


If you're currently using WebDAV, we recommend you migrate to an alternative Box tool at your earliest convenience.  Box Drive, the Box Web App, or our SDKs/APIs may be suitable alternatives depending on the use case. 

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Status changed to: Deprecated
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Do any of the alternatives work on the command line for Linux? I can use ftp but not my users since they do not have paid accounts.

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How do you use Box Drive as a substitute for WebDAV? More specifically, how do you use Box Drive as a network drive? I have used WebDAV to set up shared reviews for Adobe Acrobat at a past employer and would like to do the same or similar for my current employer.
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I'm no expert on Linux, but Box Drive is a streaming app between your machine and the cloud (overview of the process). It will look like a mapped drive when you install and use it. Look for the instructions on installing Box Drive, but I believe it only works for Windows/Mac.


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@jkellynotredame Lucky me, I'm running Windows, not Linux. The Linux issue was someone else. 🙂 Box Drive looks like a mapped drive, huh? I'll have to read up on that, I guess. If your (overview of the process) was supposed to be a link, it didn't come through. 😞