Update - WebDAV Support

Update - WebDAV Support

We constantly work to improve the user experience on Box, and sometimes that means removing functionality to make room for an even better product. Please review the features below that will retire in the coming months and find additional support information in these notices.


WebDAV Support

  • We originally announced the end of our support for WebDAV effective on Jan 31, 2019. We are extending support for WebDAV beyond our originally-announced date to October 25, 2019.
  • We recommend that customers currently using WebDAV migrate to an alternative Box tool at their earliest convenience. Box Drive or the Box WebApp may be suitable alternatives based on the use case. More information on WebDAV with Box.


Update: we've revised this post to include October 25, 2019 as the date of the end of Box support for WebDAV.

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Status changed to: Deprecated
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It sure would be nice if support was able to tell us which of our users has been using WebDAV for a longer timeframe than just the most recent 7 days. (something like 90 days would be far better.)


That limitation makes it a bunch harder for us to do the necessary change management with our users.


I now need to ask support for a new report each week, which is a pain for both me and them. (And yes, I've confirmed with my CSM that 7 days is the most that's available at the moment.)

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+1 to Ian. 7 days is way too short when you are trying to make service decisions, or communicate with users of a feature.

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@Chris_Mueller @iancrew Absolutely hear you on this point! We have asked for the same. Transparently, it's an issue of scale with our internal reporting tool. The queries are built around an extensive data set and are not optimized to pull for periods longer than 7 days. If/when we can get this reporting tuned we will be happy to provide an extended data set for your use.


How can you sustain that you are "constantly work to improve the user experience on Box" and than announce to remove a very useful feature?

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I agree with ECOMonitor.   I have just signed up with Box BECAUSE it has webdav only to find that Box is ending webdav.  If I want to use proprietary tools there is an endless array of options but I prefer to go with standard tools so I came here.  Now I find that I am wasting my time.  I would have paid for the extra storage but now have no reason to.  Why do tech companies waste so much time reinventing the wheel instead of providing a better service?


It could be nice that before you remove WebDAV support you release the Linux version of your app so we can continue using Box

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If WebDav is removed then there will be no reason to use Box.com for my company.   Also notice that I cannot sync copies of remote Git repos without losing the meta data files.


WebDAV is an old/weak and unsecure protocol that does not support 2FA and should be deprecated.


It’s a security risk!  Unfortunately, that’s the reality!  We need to accept that and adapt..


Box Drive is the best alternative, but it needs to support Unix/Linux.

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Please keep supporting webdav. as of April 2019 is the only way we can access from scanners, old iPads, linux, etc.


dont contribute more to the obsolescence of electronic devices.

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You say that webDav support was extended till October, but it already works unreliably.

When I try to copy a file from box to a local folder, it just creates the file, but it has 0 bytes. The file is sometimes copied successfully, but I have to try several times. No error is displayed!

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Yes it’s obvious they are attempting to make Webdavs use annoying so people will migrate off it out of disgust.

I also see the 0 byte issue. Along with 403 forbidden errors intermittently but just often enough to be annoying.

I run tests every night. Frequency of both have gone up in the past two weeks. It’s too suspicious to be a coincidence. It’s intentional.

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@haxxyand @Danwise2222: If you're having issues with WebDAV, I'd suggest putting in a support ticket about it. In my experience (I'm just another customer, like you) the support folks tend to be pretty savvy and very helpful. Start from https://community.box.com/t5/Contact-Support/ct-p/BoxSupport. Tracking down that sort of issue is something that support has far better resources to sort out than the folks you see here on the public forums.


Also, FTPS is sticking around, and I've found that it works quite reliably. You might use that as an alternative.


Hope that helps.



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At a previous company, I used Box with WebDAV to host shared reviews with Adobe PDFs. I wanted to do the same thing at my new company, only to find that WebDAV is being dropped. The tech support gentleman I talked to said that Box Drive should be able to substitute but has no information on HOW. Y'all had a wonderful set of instructions on how to set up WebDAV use, too, which is why I'm really disappointed not to find information on using Drive for what I need.
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What a typically meally-mouthed bit of corporate-speak. To make a better product we're taking away a useful feature. Just deleted my account, was willing to box box.com money for their service but glad I'm getting out if this is their attitude.