Refreshed user experience & Collections

Refreshed user experience & Collections

We are excited to announce that we will be making our refreshed user experience and Collections available to all webapp users. This simpler, faster redesigned experience enables you to more easily find what you need. Key changes you will see include:
  • A reprioritized action bar to make it even easier to work with your content
  • A refreshed look and icons to make the experience more readable and easy to navigate
  • Reduced page load times enabling you to get to your work in half the time
  • A new Collections feature which allows you to create a dedicated space for projects or related content so that it's easier to access a specific set of files. You'll be able to add files, folders, or bookmarked documents into one or more personal Collections — without impacting collaborators' access to those items in Box.
Visit this link for a quick intro video: Introducing the New UI and Collections
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I found a potential bug in Collections and am curious if anyone else is seeing this (I've notified our CSM). I sort by date descending. When accessing a folder via a collection, sort is always changed to Name ascending, so I'm continuously having to resort. 

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Yeah, I can't even figure out the order structure of the items in a Collection when viewed on the left sidebar. They are not sorted by Alpha or Modified.
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Hi @gatti The sort order on the left sidebar is based on the last added date to the collection. (The last added item will be at the top)

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Ah, ok. There should be a place that the user can re-order the items.
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Hello @michelleyip , I am noticing all the documentation pages for the new UI appear to be inaccessible today. Such as the admin guide and the page you linked in the original post, can this be looked into? thanks!

oops The page you were looking for doesn't exist

You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved

Take me back to the home page

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Hi @msepri ,


Apologies! The links have been updated in my original post. Here it is for easy reference:



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