IE11 Folder Uploads

IE11 Folder Uploads

With the End of Life of Oracle SE 8, Folder Uploads on IE11 via the folder picker is no longer officially supported through the Box Web Application.  The folder picker option in IE11 will continue to be available to end users until December 27, 2019.  Following this date, users will still be able to select files from the picker, but will no longer see the folder option in IE11.  To continue leveraging folder uploads with Box, please upgrade to a supported browser or utilize another Box official application such as Box Drive.


*Updated October 3rd, 2019 - Date has been changed from September 30, 2019 to December 27, 2019*

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Hi ! I'm Yoshiki.

Today, for some reason, I had uninstalled Java8 and Java SDK development Kit, and I reinstalled them.


I installed "Java 8 Update 212 (8.0.2120.10)" and "Java SE Development Kit 8 Update 212 (8.0.2120.10)".


Then, I no longer can use Folder Upload picker at Internet Explore.


When I tried upload from picker , the message below is shown.

"The browser does not have Java, or Java seems to be blocked. Check this article on the support site for more information."


Do you have any information so that I could use folder upload again?