Box Sync (v 4.0.7992)

Box Sync (v 4.0.7992)

Hi all,


We will be releasing a new update to Box Sync (v4.0.7992). This release includes both stability updates and new enhancements. 


Enhancements included in this release:

- Upgraded version of Python
- Support for future Device Trust changes: Device Trust enables customers to regulate Box access based on a device's security status. This ensures that only secure devices, such as those that are corporate managed or encrypted, can access Box. With this new update, Device Trust can be used to validate a unique, device-specific certificate and also provide the flexibility to require domain and/or certificate checks. This change will be fully available for customers to make use of with a future Admin Console release
- Improving interoperability with 3rd party proxies



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I thought Box Sync was being discontinued and being replaced with Box Drive?

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