Box Drive v2.16 Release Notes

Box Drive v2.16 Release Notes

Hello All,


We will be releasing a new update for Box Drive (v2.16)


  • Restrict download of malicious files on Drive - Box Shield has the ability to detect malicious content and take actions to protect users.  Box Drive will now support the ability to restrict downloads or moves of malicious content for Box Shield users.  
    • Download restriction: When malware is identified in Box, Box Drive will restrict users from downloading these files on Box Drive.  When users try to open files that have been identified as malware, they will get a notification that the file cannot be opened. The file can still be opened on in preview mode by right clicking on the file and selecting "View on".  
    • Move restriction: Users will be prevented from moving malicious files within Box Drive.  If they attempt a move, they will get an error message and Box Drive will automatically attempt to move the file back to the original location.
  • Added support for Drive to work on Terminal Services - Enterprises with environments configured on Windows Terminal Services, Windows Server OS 2016 and 2019, will now be able to run Box Drive.  Individual users will be able to log in to their own Box Drive account on their separate instance in these environments.  Note: auto-updates are not supported for Terminal Services environments.
  • Box Drive Updated Login Experience - We are updating the login experience for Box Drive with updated user agent, compatible with more SSOs, and improved retry scenarios for login failures. We will be rolling this out in phases to users on Box Drive versions 2.15 and above.
  • Made minor updates to Mac Search UI - Updated some icons on the search UI in Mac and made some minor styling changes.
  • Made minor updates to the Windows Search UI - Updated the iconography for the Box icon in the Windows tray.



- Box Drive Team

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