Automated classification in Box Shield

Automated classification in Box Shield

Our newest Box Shield feature brings intelligence to data classification to secure content in the cloud at scale. Shield can now automatically scan files, detect personally identifiable information (PII) and custom terms and phrases, and classify them based on admin-defined policies - helping reduce the risk of data leakage without slowing down the business.


With automated classification in Box Shield, organizations can:

  • Automatically identify multiple PII info types within files, including social security numbers, driver’s licenses, International Bank Account Number (IBAN) codes, International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9/ICD-10) codes, and more
  • Automatically identify custom terms and phrases within files – for example: “Acme Confidential”, “Internal use only”, and “Attorney client privileged”
  • Easily create policies that apply the appropriate classification label based on desired logic - fine tuning with confidence levels and unique match counts.
  • Classify sensitive data in real time as it's uploaded, updated, moved or copied to specified folders.

The new feature will begin to be available today, and will roll out to Box Shield customers over the next month.

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