Announcing the Public Beta of the new File Request experience

Announcing the Public Beta of the new File Request experience

[04/10 Update] : Due to urgent customer demand for this new File Request experience, we are significantly accelerating the timeline for the General Availability of this capability. The new File Request will now be generally available starting May 7, 2020. Please refer to this announcement for details.


To ensure we can deliver this production-ready capability two months earlier than originally scheduled, we are forgoing the File Request Public Beta program. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please reach out to your account team if you need urgent access to the new capability before May 7.



[04/03 Update] : Added link to Administering Box File Request article
The File Request experience on Box is about to get even better - with the ability to build a structured content-intake form to request files and collect metadata directly in Box
The enhanced File Request experience will enable users to quickly, seamlessly and securely request files and metadata from anyone, even those without a Box account. 
With the upcoming enhancements, Box users can: 
  • Build a structured intake form with one or more upload zones
  • Solicit additional information with metadata form fields, which can be set as required/optional
  • Enable extra security and tracking with link settings
This powers use cases in departments across the organization such as:
  • Procurement teams sourcing invoices from external vendors/contractors for approval
  • HR teams requesting information (I-9 form etc.) from new hires prior to their first day

and many more! Learn more about the new File Request experience here.

This update will first be available as a Public Beta, with the full launch happening later this year. 
Starting April 15, Box Admins and Co-admins will be able to:
  • Enroll in the Public Beta directly from the Box Admin Console
  • Sign the MBA (Master Beta Agreement) in the Admin Console

Please refer to the Administering Box File Request community article for more details.

Stay tuned! We will continue to share updates on this page.
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Is this update going to let non-owners of folders create the requests as well? Right now that is limited to folder owners and co-owners, but Editors cannot create the file requests.

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@acivory Yes, we are expanding to allow editors to create the file requests. This will be admin-configurable for the enterprise.



Will the default setting be off for "editors"?  I think this whole feature should have been default off.  It's really concerning that new "external" sharing features like this are rolled out in an "enabled" state.



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