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In early March, we will be releasing Box Tools version 4.0 (Box Edit and Box Device Trust). This version contains architecture changes that move us away from our reliance on browser cookies and onto a much more stable and performant foundation.  This new version includes once again supporting private/incognito browsers, some minor changes to the user interface, and our usual bug fixes and stability improvements. 
Please note that with this new version, the minimum system requirements for Box Tools will be changing.  These new system requirements must be in place for existing users before the early March automatic update to version 4.0.  You can find more information regarding the new requirements here


In keeping with our commitment towards enabling the most secure way to bring your work together with Cloud Content Management (CCM), last year, Box announced the Device Trust feature that regulated access to Box based on a particular device's security posture. Device Trust ensures that only devices meeting certain configurable security criteria, such as those that are corporate managed or support Full Disk Encryption (FDE), can access Box. Our customers welcomed this feature as yet another step towards optimizing security without impacting usability or hindering collaboration.
We initially launched Device Trust with desktop support for Mac and Windows, and mobile support for iOS. Based on the recent smartphone sales data from Gartner, Android and iOS together accounted for 99.6 percent of worldwide smartphone sales in the fourth quarter of 2016, and today, we are excited to announce the expansion of Device Trust support to Android devices. This expanded device support is part of our continued push towards facilitating the transition to CCM worldwide, by enabling more users to benefit from the rich, secure collaboration capabilities provided by Box! For more information about Device Trust with Android, check our our Community Article!

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