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Box Relay can now seamlessly connect to more digital business processes, adding automation and customization to accelerate how business gets done. We have released three highly-requested features:

  • Users can now set up Relay to automatically start a workflow simply by moving content to a pre-defined Box folder
  • Organizations can connect their external systems to Relay to automatically launch workflows via API
  • We added pre-built workflow templates to make it easier to get started with Relay

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Pre-built templates are now live in Box Relay. These five pre-built templates are a great place to get started to use Relay to automate processes across on-boarding, content review, contract approval and budget requests.Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 2.11.07 PM.png



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After much awaited anticipation, Box Relay is now available for purchase for Business Plus and above! Co-developed with IBM, Box Relay allows anyone to easily build, manage and track their own workflows, all with the content management benefits of Box. With Relay, companies can now streamline everyday processes - even those that extend outside the organization - boosting productivity so users can focus on what really matters! For more information about Box Relay, check out our blog!


If you would like to purchase Box Relay, please reach out to your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager!


We announced a new product, jointly developed with IBM called Box Relay, allowing anyone to build, track and manage workflows in real-time, resulting in a far more efficient and consistent experiences for every process. Box Relay eliminates the need to switch between systems by providing a workflow solution on the platform enterprises already trust to manage all of their work and gives people all of the security and collaboration benefits of Box.


Planned: 2017

Availability: General Availability

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