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We have released a new Mac version of Box Tools which resolves issues Safari users were facing in Box Embed Widgets (such as our Salesforce Integration).  You can download this new version here.
There have been no changes to the previously released Windows build (v4.0.10).


We're excited to announce that the much anticipated general availability of Box Drive is finally here! Box Drive is our desktop app that makes it incredibly easy to work with all of your files — even billions of files — right from your desktop, without using up much hard drive space. For resources, visit our Box Drive Community Resource Page.



Box now integrates with iWork, enabling users to preview and collaborate on Keynote, Pages and Numbers files from within Box. Now users can co-author files in real-time, preview, create, and edit iWork documents in Box all while securely saving their changes back to Box. This integration must be turned on for your organization from the Admin Console: Settings > Apps. To enable collaborative editing, select "iWork Collaboration." To enable Box preview of iWork documents in browser, select "iWork Previews."


We’re always looking for ways to improve sharing and collaboration in Box. To make it easier than ever to invite someone to edit a file, we have officially launched the ability to ‘invite collaborators’ to individual files (previously collaborators could only be invited at the folder level) for our users! Learn more here. 

You can also find additional information via our Community documentation.


Box for Office v4.3.1217/v4.4.1221 will be released soon which reverts a change made in the prior release (Box for Office v4.1.1212/v4.2.1220) that defaulted Microsoft Office programs to use IE 11 via the FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION registry keys - Please see additional background below.  
This change by the prior release inadvertently affected other Microsoft Office add-ins. Unfortunately, due to limitations with our update process, we cannot revert back to the last set value. In order to prevent future issues, the new release to Box for Office v4.3.1217/v4.4.1221 will delete the Microsoft Office program registry values from the FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION registry keys.  
Admins who set Microsoft Office programs to use a non-default web browser control in the FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION registry keys prior to installing Box for Office v4.1.1212/v4.2.1220, may need to re-set their non-default web browser control after updating to Box for Office v4.3.1217/v4.4.1221
To facilitate this change, we will provide installers links to Box for Office v4.3.1217/v4.4.1221 before this version is pushed via our auto-update service. This will give you time to manually update to Box for Office v4.3.1217/v4.4.1221 and then re-apply your non-default FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION values.   
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and if you have any questions, please reach out to the Box User Services team
In the prior release, Box for Office v4.1.1212/v4.2.1220, we forced Microsoft Office programs to use IE 11 for any web browser controls used by the Office program. This was done by adding the Microsoft Office program executables (WinWord.exe, POWERPNT.EXE, outlook.exe, and EXCEL.EXE) as registry values under the following registry keys and setting the value data to be "11001": 
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION
For more information on the FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION settings, please read here.
By default, the Office program values do not exist under the keys above.
The update to Box for Office v4.3.1217/v4.4.1221 will delete the values (WinWord.exe, POWERPNT.EXE, outlook.exe, and EXCEL.EXE) from the locations above and revert the Microsoft Office programs back to using the default web browser control.


In a previous post, we communicated that we would begin auto-updating users to Box Tools v4 on Monday, March 19th and complete the update to all existing users on March 22nd.  We have decided to delay and extend the update period given the complexity of changes in Box Tools v4 and the new system requirements that need to be addressed by admins to ensure a seamless end user experience.
The new release plan will begin next week and extend through April.  This should allow for additional time to verify the Box Tools v4 build in all of your environments.  
In the interim, you can do the following:
  1. Download and test the latest Box Tools v4 here 
  1. Confirm your environments comply with the new system requirements.
  1. Review the known limitations associated with Box Tools here
Thank you for your patience; this extended release timeframe will ensure a smooth transition to the new and improved version of Box Tools. 


Our users have found many use cases for the Upload Embed Widget, Folder Embed Widget, and File Embed Widget. To ensure compatibility across all prior versions of these widgets and to provide all users with the most up-to-date Box experience, we are introducing auto-redirection so that embed widgets that were generated from the Legacy Box Web App will now automatically redirect to the New Web Experience version of that same widget. Users do not need to manually re-generate the embed widget code or re-add to the site where it’s embedded; this redirection will occur automatically.


For Governance customers, Box will be releasing the ability to apply a retention policy to an individual file via a metadata template.  Businesses will soon be able to set retention policies globally across all of Box, at the folder level, or at the file level - making it easier to properly retain unstructured data and ensure you are meeting your regulatory needs for data retention in Box.




We will be updating our UI and usage/activity dashboard for admins. These changes focus on making it easier to get where you need in the admin console and by providing data about how Box is being used in your organization. Insights@2x copy.png


Admins will be easily able to see where Box is being accessed across the globe, storage/user/group counts, and segment by key activities (preview, upload, download, sharing, etc.) to understand exactly how Box is used and its ROI.
Insights shot 2@2x copy.png


We will be making our UI and usage/activity dashboard available for admins in early April.  You can check it out by using the toggle you will see in your admin home page when the functionality is ready and go back and forth between the two experiences.


Starting in October, we will begin deprecating the old admin console UI and will provide more specifics as we get closer to that date.


Note: There has been a change in schedule for this release. For more information see here.
All users will be updated automatically to Box Tools v4 (Box Edit and Box Device Trust) starting  Monday, March 19th and completing on Thursday March 22nd.  No actions are needed from admins or end users to complete the update.
  • Windows users on .NET Frameworks lower than 4.5.2 will be updated to Box Tools v4.0.10
  • Windows users on .NET Frameworks equal to or greater than 4.5.2 will be updated to Box Tools v4.1.9
  • Mac users will be updated to Box Tools v4.0.5
There are no functionality differences between these versions outside of the .NET Framework they support.  All of these versions are currently available for download as a part of the Early Access Program (EAP) here.
Box Tools v4 contains architecture changes that move us away from our reliance on browser cookies and onto a much more stable and scalable foundation.  This new version includes once again supporting private/incognito browsers & some minor changes to the user interface.  There are new system requirements that must be in place for existing users to ensure a seamless experience.  You can find more information regarding the new requirements here


We have released a new version of Box Tools which resolves a bug in IE where our ActiveX Process was sporadically unloading.  Users will not be automatically updated to this new build immediately.  If you or your users are experiencing this issue, please download and install Box Tools v4.0.10 here.
As a reminder, Box Tools v4 requires system requirement changes to be made in order to have a seamless experience.  You can learn more about the new system requirements here.


IMPORTANT: We have made updated details about TLS 1.0 deprecation here, including a postponement of the date of deprecation from June 15 to June 25. Click here for the most up to date announcement on TLS 1.0.

We will be releasing a new version of Box Sync that supports TLS 1.1+. Environments relying on TLS 1.0 will continue to work after this release, until the Box Wide EOL of TLS 1.0 on June 15th.


Previously this summer we announced there would be two major changes to access stats. We are excited to announce that we are releasing both updates this spring and users will see this in their accounts. 

For more information regarding both of these updates, check out their respective announcements:


We have pushed an emergency release of Box Tools v4.0.8.413 to resolve a bug in Box Tools v4.0.7.411 where Box Edit components were crashing when updating from Box Tools v3.  This issue was isolated to v4.0.7.411 and not affecting updates to
Box Tools v4.0.8.413 is now available for download here.


Note: These features were originally included in v1.9, but due to an issue found during its deployment, the release was cancelled.  v1.10 contains all of the announced features along with a resolution to the issue in v1.9.


In Box Drive v1.10, a new clean logout feature will be released on all platforms. When users log out, their Box Drive session will end and all of their Box data will be cleared from the machine. To prevent the loss of work, Box Drive will notify users if anything is out of sync with Box prior to completing the logout, as shown below:




Additionally, we have added a system dialog that will prompt new users with instructions on how to enable legacy filter drivers. This is only applicable to fresh installs of Drive on the latest Windows 10 version, where Microsoft has begun blocking these drivers by default. Current Drive users who upgrade to the latest Windows version will not be affected, and do not need to follow these steps. More details can be found here.


As previously communicated in a service announcement sent on January 17, 2018, a new version of Box Tools is coming! This new version requires system requirement changes to be made in order to have a seamless experience.  You can learn more about the new system requirements here.


In an effort to allow our customers to validate their system set up prior to the auto-update, we have made Box Tools v4 available for download through our Early Access Program (EAP).  To install and verify this build in your environment, please follow these steps:


  1. Ensure that you have made the appropriate system requirements updates found here.
  2. Download & Install the proper Box Tools v4 here.


All new Box Tools users will default to downloading the new version.  Existing users with Box Tools v3 will be auto-updated in mid March.


The builds linked to above support .NET Framework 4.0 and above.  In Mid-March when we begin the auto update process, if your environment is running .NET Framework 4.5.2, you will be automatically updated to a compatible Box Tools version.  The .NET Framework 4.5.2 compatible versions are available for download here.


Still have questions?  Feel free to reach out to our User Services Team.




Note - Multiple update paths: 
During auto-update, Box for Office will first be updated to Version 4.1.1212. If your machine is running .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher, Box for Office will be updated to Version 4.2.1220. If not, you will remain on Box for Office Version 4.1.1212, which is compatible with .NET 4.0.

All future Box for Office releases will have two sets of builds (4.1.x for users running a .NET framework below 4.5.2 and 4.2.x for .NET framework 4.5.2 or higher). Users will be automatically be updated to the appropriate version based on the .NET framework installed on their machines.

Box for Office 4.1.1212

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Box for Office 4.2.1220

  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 support
  • TLS 1.1+ support
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

The updates will be available here.

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